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I haven’t written anything at the T-Wolves Blog for a couple of months, only because there has been little to say. But now, Darko Milicic is here – and amazingly, I’m actually glad.

(I’m not the only one, either. We’ve all been so beaten down by Al Jefferson’s lackadaisical, awful interior defense that Darko is a breath of fresh air, merely by trying on defense.)

The Timberwolves play their only two preseason games in Minneapolis tomorrow vs. Toronto, and next Wednesday against Chicago. At the T-Wolves Blog, I write down a few things that you probably don’t need to know before you go.

Today is the beginning of Timberwolves training camp in Mankato. Over at the T-Wolves Blog, I take some uneducated guesses at what today’s schedule might look like.

In this post: fake Timberwolves headlines.

Over at the T-Wolves Blog, I’m making up headlines that we might see this off-season.

I can sum up my thoughts on the Wolves’ trade last night (Quentin Richardson for Mark Blount) pretty succinctly – and I do so at the T-Wolves Blog.

A couple of updates this week to run by you.

  1. I didn’t link to it Monday, as it wasn’t much, but if you happen to be a TNABACG completist, I wrote a short discussion post on Twinkie Town on Monday, about my first-ever Twins game. [Twinkie Town]
  2. The NBA Draft is tonight, and I’m on duty for the T-Wolves Blog. I’ll have both Wolves-specific updates, and I’ll be participating in a network-wide chat, so stop on by for all coverage. [T-Wolves Blog]
  3. Sunday afternoon, I’ll once again be on the Twins Radio Network post-game show, doing the “Gameday Chatter” segment. It’s 60 seconds of me talking, buried in about three hours of post-game show… but if you happen to be listening, I’ll be on the airwaves again this weekend.

And of course Saturday I’ll have weekend links at RandBall, too.

The NBA Finals are over – and so we look ahead, at some important summer dates for the Timberwolves (including a few that we may or may not have made up.) [T-Wolves Blog]

Over at the T-Wolves Blog, I take a look at some of the team’s off-season needs.

(It may go without saying that I got more and more pessimistic as I wrote, eventually concluding that the Wolves are up a creek without a paddle.)

Over at the T-Wolves Blog, inquiring minds want to know: why isn’t Mike Miller shooting the rock?

I did the survey (read: faked the results, like any good researcher), and I present my findings.

T-Wolves Blog: Mike Miller isn’t shooting because…

Here’s the story: the “Daily Dime” folks at ESPN got a blog for every NBA team to answer the following question, as part of ESPN’s team previews:

“Timberwolves down one, 9.2 seconds to play, must-win game. What’s the play? “

The duty of answering that question fell to the T-Wolves Blog, and to me. You can see the results at ESPN’s Timberwolves preview, available here.