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Local Gopher football expert / Minnesota sports cynic / brother Dave Marthaler was back on the podcast this week. We talked Gopher football for an hour. This, after I’d failed to record about half an hour of talking.

This week on the podcast, old friends Michael Rand and Rocket stopped by Sportive HQ. Brandon was there. Stu showed up too. Eventually we had five people around the table, a new record; only Clarence missed out.

We recorded a podcast while we were there.

Tune into this week’s throwback edition of the podcast to find out who we wished Ebola on (and immediately took it back).

I think the guys on the podcast are just letting me talk about soccer to be nice, but it’s fun all the same.

I talked mostly about soccer on the latest episode of the Sportive. It was fun for me, though perhaps not for the listener.

I only could show up for like the last ten minutes of the podcast this week. I bet it’s pretty awesome, then.

It took us awhile to get to sports this week, mostly because Clarence was reminding Brandon of the difficulties of having two kids at once. Download now, if you will.

I’ve been telling my brother Dave that he was our standby emergency podcast guest. Last night, that came to fruition. Thanks, Dave!

Noted temporary Canadian John Sharkman joined us for this week’s podcast. We actually had a serious talk about the NFL Draft, then a serious talk about The Big Lebowski.

Our old friend Mike Rand and longtime RandBall contributor Rocket – our first podcast donor – joined us this week for an excellent episode.

Rocket made us talk sports. It was weird.