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We looked things up on Wikipedia in this episode. Things must be spiraling downhill.


This week on the Sportive, we spent a lot of time talking about the KG trade, plus the Wild’s difficult schedule, the Cosetta’s expansion, the movie Beerfest, and other such important topics. Sometimes we think we should plan better, but maybe it’s for the best that we don’t.


Usually, we have sports to talk about on the podcast. Somehow, though, we avoided them almost entirely on this week’s podcast. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not.


This episode is a milestone for me, because I think it’s the first of 92 in which we actually talked about soccer in a non-let-Marthaler-talk-himself-out kind of way. Thanks, upcoming MLS players’ strike!

Also, at one point we talk about the infamous “fans throwing objects at Chuck Knoblauch” game in the Metrodome. Many claim they were there; all I have to prove that I was also in the stands that night is my ticket stub:


My two ongoing memories of that night were that a) the thing that made Knoblauch run off the field was the fact that somebody hucked a golf ball at him, and b) the panicked reaction of the Twins bullpen to clear the field when, following the stoppage of the game and the lecture from Metrodome PA announcer Bob Casey, a fan launched a wrapped hot dog all the way from the upper deck into the left field corner.

Ah, memories.


The app that we use to record the podcast cut out during the recording, twice. We therefore missed out on a half hour of this week’s episode. It was good, too. Sigh.


It’s rare that we have actual information on the podcast, but our good friend Josh Fiedler came armed with three pages of notes about the 2014 Vikings, their draft and free agent needs, and what to look out for this offseason. Plus, he told one of the best stories we’ve ever heard about slow-pitch softball. Check this one out.

Minnesota sports are still depressing, but at least there’s Mo Williams. Our good friend Michael Rand joined us to talk about what’s new this week.

In the hopes of getting off the mark in 2015, here’s a link to our last podcast, which was posted ten days ago.

We’re recording Episode 88 tonight. I’m sure it’ll be much less positive.

This week on the Sportive, Stu and Brandon and I talked about the Vikings (better than we thought, worse than average), the Twins (worse than I think, better if I realize this) and the Wild (worse than they should be, worse for our lives).

Now, that sounds like it would take about twenty minutes, but the podcast is over an hour long. So you figure out what to expect from that.

We have not always been good at audio, at the Sportive. We had a laptop die in the middle of a recording once, for one; we recorded an episode in a tile-floored basement that was sans furniture once, as well. (The result was like listening to a Walkman in a metal bucket.) We also have struggled with how to audio-engineer a podcast while not having any audio engineer skills of any kind.

Really, though, our main problem has been the internet, and the inherent difficulties of recording a podcast via Google Hangout, which requires a good internet connection for good audio. This will happen, and is unfixable, and has also given our podcast a somewhat-deserved reputation for terrible quality.

I mention all this because Stu and I recorded an episode in a bar on Saturday night, and it went perfectly on the first try. You can hear us and everything. Episode 81 doesn’t sound that bad, and I think we should be proud, for once.