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Former USA international cricketer Bhim George was the star in Florida’s four-wicket win over Florida Southeast in the ACF Champions League. You canĀ read my recap at the official ACF site.

I wrote a recap of Washington’s one-wicket, last-over win over Philadelphia in the American Cricket Federation Champions League. You can see it at

There is an American cricket league planned for 2013. This is a problem, in the sense that few Americans are interested in cricket.

Right now, those in charge of the league seem determined to pitch it as an “entertainment” option, which is the wrong way to go about things. At the CricketSota blog, I’ve published what I think is the easiest way to get Americans interested in the game: an improved Team USA.

I spent most of Saturday watching the Minnesota Cricket championship match, and wrote about it for CricketSota.

Short version: it was cold and a lot of runs were scored.

Saturday’s the day that Minnesota cricket’s champions will be decided. (Champions, plural, because there are three divisions – named in grand English soccer style as the Premier division, Division 1, and Division 2).

I wrote a fairly short preview of the matches for CricketSota.

In the interest of bringing the number of sports I write about regularly ever closer to double digits, I’ve started writing a blog for the local cricket league’s website. The Minnesota Cricket Association is probably best compared to town-team baseball in Minnesota; it’s decidedly amateur, but at the same time, much more serious than rec-league softball.

I’ve written a few posts now – I’ll put up more as I go along – but for now, here’s my preview of this weekend’s league semifinals.