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The rules of rugby, from Dave

My brother explains rugby, for all.

Six Nations 2013: Wales Wins It

A final wrap-up of the 2013 Six Nations.

Six Nations Round 4: All shaping up nicely

A wrap-up of round four of the 2013 Six Nations.

Six Nations Round 3: Three matches, three questions

A report on round three of the Six Nations, which took place two weeks ago, I know, shut up.

Six Nations Round 2: The Greatest Team Ever, This Week

A roundup of week two in the 2013 Six Nations, which was mostly boring.

Six Nations Round 1: Roman Holiday

A review of the first week of the 2013 Six Nations rugby championship.

Your Less-Than-Informed 2013 Six Nations Rugby Guide

And now, your helpful but information-free guide to the 2013 Six Nations.

Twelve Things To Know About The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup began over the weekend just past. The tournament has four pools of five teams each, with two teams from each pool making it to the quarterfinals, and each team plays the other four teams in its pool once. The USA qualified, as it has for every edition of the RWC. The […]

Thoughts on two more English sports

Regular readers will know that I’ve been a soccer fan for a few years now, especially of the US national team, of the local Minnesota Thunder, and of English powerhouse Arsenal. A few might even remember that several years ago I even gave Formula One a try, though I gave up last year after one […]