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The Sportive, Episode 65: More soccer!

I think the guys on the podcast are just letting me talk about soccer to be nice, but it’s fun all the same.

The Sportive, Episode 64: World Cup Fever

I talked mostly about soccer on the latest episode of the Sportive. It was fun for me, though perhaps not for the listener.

The Sportive, Episode 61

I made it for like ten minutes last night, so this episode is probably awesome.

The Sportive Episode 60: The Joys of Parenting

It took us awhile to get to sports this week, mostly because Clarence was reminding Brandon of the difficulties of having two kids at once.

The Sportive, Episode 59: A Family Affair

My brother Dave joins us this week.

The Sportive, Episode 57: Rand and Rocket

More podcast fun, with Mike Rand and Rocket.

The Sportive, Episode 56: Holly Manthei returns!

Our old friend Holly Manthei was on the podcast this week. We talked a lot about beer and a little about sports, and if you can sit through the foofaraw long enough, you’ll get the great story of what happened to her third-place medal from the 1995 World Cup, too.

The Sportive, Episode 55: Wild-Avs and a bunch of hockey

Our friend Hans Van Slooten joined us for another hockey-centric episode, as we previewed the Wild-Avalanche first-round series. We also, as usual, got stupid.

The Sportive, Episode 54: The Bottom 5 Twins Prospects

This week on the Sportive, we name our Bottom 5 Twins prospects, and do a 30-second-long Frozen Four preview. It’s fun.

The Sportive, Episode 53: Nick Nelson and #AskSportive

This week on the podcast, noted baseball expert Nick Nelson joined us. Later, we did a Twitter mailbag, because all the cool kids do.