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Bereft Fox

Here are links to an awful lot of things I’ve written or said over the past couple of weeks.

Retirement Goals

Life goal: get job where the first thing I do every day when I get there is read about four or five newspapers. — Jon Marthaler (@jmarthaler) July 16, 2015 Until that happy day, here’s everything I worked on this week: This week’s podcast was kind of fun except when I was getting mocked about […]

This Week in Marthaler

Here’s what I wrote this week.

The Sportive, Episode 97: Type it into Wikipedia

We looked things up on Wikipedia in this episode. Things must be spiraling downhill.

The Sportive, Episode 94: KG returns and the Wild lose

This week on the Sportive, we spent a lot of time talking about the KG trade, plus the Wild’s difficult schedule, the Cosetta’s expansion, the movie Beerfest, and other such important topics. Sometimes we think we should plan better, but maybe it’s for the best that we don’t.

The Sportive, Episode 93: The Finger Guns

Usually, we have sports to talk about on the podcast. Somehow, though, we avoided them almost entirely on this week’s podcast. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not.

The Sportive, Episode 92: Actual soccer talk

This episode is a milestone for me, because I think it’s the first of 92 in which we actually talked about soccer in a non-let-Marthaler-talk-himself-out kind of way. Thanks, upcoming MLS players’ strike! Also, at one point we talk about the infamous “fans throwing objects at Chuck Knoblauch” game in the Metrodome. Many claim they […]

The Sportive, Episode 91: Recording Issues

The app that we use to record the podcast cut out during the recording, twice. We therefore missed out on a half hour of this week’s episode. It was good, too.

The Sportive, Episode 89: Vikings Info


It’s rare that we have actual information on the podcast, but our good friend Josh Fiedler came armed with three pages of notes about the 2014 Vikings, their draft and free agent needs, and what to look out for this offseason.

The Sportive, Episode 88: It’s New!

Minnesota sports are still depressing, but at least there’s Mo Williams. Our good friend Michael Rand joined us to talk about what’s new this week.