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The Sportive, Episode 55: Wild-Avs and a bunch of hockey

Our friend Hans Van Slooten joined us for another hockey-centric episode, as we previewed the Wild-Avalanche first-round series. We also, as usual, got stupid.

The Sportive, Episode 54: The Bottom 5 Twins Prospects

This week on the Sportive, we name our Bottom 5 Twins prospects, and do a 30-second-long Frozen Four preview. It’s fun.

The Sportive, Episode 53: Nick Nelson and #AskSportive

This week on the podcast, noted baseball expert Nick Nelson joined us. Later, we did a Twitter mailbag, because all the cool kids do.

The Sportive, Episode 52: Nonsense

This week’s episode of the podcast was nonsense, and I ended up yelling at Clarence.

The Sportive, Episode 50: Trade deadline day

We talk Wild trade deadline and make some Twins predictions in this week’s podcast. Plus: Stu runs through his top Little-Known Former Science Museum Exhibits, which is good times for all.

The Sportive, Episode 49: Everything and more

We talked about everything we could think of on the podcast this week. It started with the Wolves, touched on the Wild, and at one point veered off to ranting about the Big Ten Network and discussing which championship we most wanted to see before we die.

The Sportive, Episode 48: Brian Stensaas

We talked a lot about the Winter Olympics on this week’s podcast, for which our friend Brian Stensaas joined us, live from the Star Tribune newsroom.

The Sportive, Episode 47: Parker Hageman and Reality TV

Last week, we found out that friend of the podcast Parker Hageman was once on a reality television show. The only surprise is that it took us a week to have him on the podcast to talk about it.

The Sportive, Episode 46: Gleeman and the Geek

We got both Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes to come on the podcast at the same time this week. We celebrated by going to the bar.

The Sportive, Episode 44: Michael Rand

Podcaster emeritus Michael Rand joined us for Episode 44 of the podcast. He has been yelling at us a lot lately, and we thought it best to give him a chance to defend himself.