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The Sportive, Episode 45: Actual Hockey Talk

Hockey-reference.com manager Hans Van Slooten came on the podcast this week, and we spent a solid hour talking hockey and discussing hockey advanced stats.

RandBall: The Weekend Lowdown

Here’s what to watch to get you through until Monday.

Weekend Links: The NHL’s Identity Crisis

The National Hockey League had a chance to make die-hard fans happy – which it didn’t, another example of the league’s identity crisis.

Weekend Links: Happy about NHL realignment

In this week’s Weekend Links, I’m thrilled about NHL realignment. Plus: Dean Smith forgets it all, Charlie Pierce on the Big East, a squash tournament video, and a Greek soccer player who hits the post four times with one shot.

Weekend Links: Why the NHL is so hard to follow

This week in the weekend links, an essay about why it’s impossible to follow the NHL on a national level. Plus, breaking down Miguel Sano, regional sports networks, and you’re it.

Weekend Links: The letter to fans that the NHL should have printed

The NHL printed an apology letter to fans, but it seemed disingenuous, so I wrote the letter that the league should have sent. Also: Drew Butera’s defense, players to watch in the NHL season, the most complete breakdown of a televised baseball scene ever, pro video gaming, and Te’oing.

Weekend Links: You can’t quit the NHL, hockey fans

This week in the weekend links, a message to hockey fans: we know you can’t quit the NHL. It’s okay. Plus a few links related to hockey, cause you know, hockey’s back.

Weekend Links

This week, the Weekend Links wonder about a new WHA, while the links include talk of Joe Mauer going to Boston, Zack Greinke going to Minneapolis, and the Vikings going to London.

How Gary Bettman and Don Fehr Live: An Imagined Account

Today at SB Nation Minnesota, we imagine just how Don Fehr and Gary Bettman are spending their time, since they’re certainly not using it to end the NHL lockout. I can’t help writing fictional screenplays. It’s just easiest, somehow. ELSEWHERE: the Twins and Tigers got rained out tonight, so my series preview at Twinkie Town […]

Weekend Links

Note: These links appeared first at RandBall, your home for 20-mile runs. The NHL lockout begins today, and by all accounts, it looks like it’s going to be a long one. Bryan Reynolds at SB Nation Minnesota says NHL fans need to find a new hobby, because it’ll be awhile, and poor Michael Russo sounds […]