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What to watch this weekend

It’s a good weekend for some televised sports.

Weekend Lowdown: Why the Wild gave up too much for Matt Moulson

Here’s what to watch this weekend – and an assessment of the Matt Moulson trade.

The Sportive, Episode 45: Actual Hockey Talk

Hockey-reference.com manager Hans Van Slooten came on the podcast this week, and we spent a solid hour talking hockey and discussing hockey advanced stats.

RandBall: The Weekend Lowdown

The new NHL playoff system has a December game feeling the playoffs for the Wild.

How to fix the Wild

Are the Wild’s problems Mike Yeo’s fault? (I genuinely don’t know, and if you can explain, I’d like to hear it.)

Naming the Koivu-Parise-Heatley line

In which I try to come up with a good name for the Wild’s one decent line, and fail.

Inside the NHL Owners’ CBA Strategy Meetings

Over at SB Nation Minnesota, I tried to imagine the rough time that Wild owner Craig Leipold is probably having when he meets with his fellow owners. (Boston owner Jeremy Jacobs and Philadelphia owner Ed Snider ended up being the bad guys. I’m not sure why, exactly. I needed villains.)

Weekend Links

Rand, kind of on the spur of the moment, finished a triathlon this morning. This included a 440-yard swim, which is about 400 yards beyond which I would have any kind of confidence in not drowning. Hats off to you, RandBall. And as always, RandBall is where this first appeared. A thought experiment: Let’s say […]

Parise Watch: The Epic Interview Conclusion

Today, Star Tribune reporters Michael Russo and Michael Rand caught Zach Parise at the airport on his way home to Orono. Rand shot a less-than-one-minute video, which ends somewhat abruptly. Here now, the epilogue to this video, the one that didn’t make it on screen: RAND: Thanks, Zach. We appreciate it. Oh, and can I […]

Weekend Links

I don’t have much to say in the way of preface this week, except to say this: honestly, thank goodness for the Timberwolves. Would have been a long winter otherwise. As always, these links appeared first at RandBall, your home for strange dirt bike pictures. I’m afraid for the Wild. I’m afraid because I was […]