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Is Norv Turner an Offensive Genius?

I’ve been getting in arguments about new Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner. I figured it was time to find out where the truth actually lies.

Weekend Links: Is it wrong to cheer against the Vikings?

With the Vikings needing to draft a better quarterback – is it wrong to cheer against them?

The Sportive, Episode 29: At least Blair Walsh played well

We did a post-Vikings game podcast on Sunday. It made us kind of feel better about what was a horrible Vikings game. In conclusion, Christian Ponder is history’s greatest monster.

The Sportive, Episode 2: You’re Welcome, Bettman

In this week’s Sportive podcast, we talk Vikings, Timberwolves, Olympic wrestling, and a terrible idea of how to fix the NHL.

Weekend Links: Wishing for some Vikings euphoria

This week in the weekend links, I wish for some euphoria from the Vikings, as I feel like I missed out the first time around. Also: Nick Punto, an interview with the Twins head of research, some comments on the NHL lockout, and using quantum mechanics to explain the Wolves.

Weekend Links: Ponder ruins my ability to care about the Vikings

In this week’s Weekend Links, the reason that suddenly I don’t feel bad when the Vikings lose. Also: Morneau may be headed to Texas, why Don Fehr isn’t to blame for the lockout, a Will Leitch interview, The Economist on college football coaching – and Winona and Red Wing playing hockey for, um, a rope.

The MN GOP House Leadership Goes To Chipotle

(SCENE: An anonymous Chipotle restaurant in the Twin Cities. The staff busies themselves with the same tasks that they’re always doing at Chipotle – grilling four thousand pounds of meat, preparing enormous vats full of rice, and that sort of thing. Up to the counter step Minnesota House of Representatives Speaker Rep. Kurt Zellers, R-Maple […]

Weekend Links

Every time I write something that even touches on a political matter, it becomes clear to me that I should not do this ever. Anyway, this appeared first at RandBall, your home for new athletic directors. In times of great conflict, it’s nice to have legislators that we can all be proud of. We are […]

Making Up For Lost Time

It has been brought to my attention that I’ve done a very poor job, as of late, of putting up links on this blog. Rather than go through and rectify that, one post at a time, I’m just going to dump them all in one place and call it a day. My Twins Offseason Blueprint […]

The Vikings and Saints: Still Just 1 of 16 Games [SB Nation Minnesota]

Like many Minnesotans, I’ve got Purple Fever at the moment, as the Vikings open their 2010 campaign against the Saints on Thursday night. It’s so easy to see this game as a continuation of the conference championship from last year, and so easy to take this game as a harbinger of the rest of the […]