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$200 million is the new $100 million

$200 million is the new $100 million, when it comes to MLB payroll.

The Pelfrey Wager

Here’s the details of my Mike Pelfrey-related wager with Mike Rand.

Twinkie Town: The Final Curtain

One more Scenes From An Offseason – and then, the end of the story.

Twinkie Town: Terry Ryan gets realistic

This week at Twinkie Town, Terry Ryan realizes just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Twinkie Town: On Ron Gardenhire

I actually posted an opinion rather than a joke at Twinkie Town – on Ron Gardenhire’s return as manager. I bet that threw people off.

Twinkie Town: Scenes From an Offseason, Volume 8

I have grown fond of the “fake script” pieces that we call Scenes From an Offseason. This week, Ron Gardenhire learns his fate.

Twinkie Town: Nobody wants to watch the Twins

Fake TV shows would be better than having to watch the Twins.

Twinkie Town: Gene Glynn visits the Twins

This week at Twinkie Town, Mr. Hooper visits the Twins.

Twinkie Town: Making excuses

Coming in to yesterday’s game against the Angels, the Twins had lost ten in a row at home. Over at Twinkie Town, I invented a few reasons for why this might be.

Twinkie Town: Justin Morneau’s goodbye video

A transcript of the Twins saying goodbye to Justin Morneau. (Note: not really.)