Six Nations Round 2: The Greatest Team Ever, This Week

England 12, Ireland 6

England and Ireland both won in round one, and so naturally this match was billed as more or less the championship game of the entire Six Nations. Never mind that Ireland had played well for about 45 minutes against Wales and then panicked wildly for the remainder of the match, or that England had only beaten Scotland.

It rained in Dublin. Ireland fumbled the ball about 35 times in the first half. Both Simon Zebo and Jonny Sexton went off hurt. It all went wrong for the Irish, and though they managed to tie the game 6-6 in the second half after trailing 6-0 at halftime, they never got within about 40 yards of scoring a try.

England looked like scoring once, so I guess they must have been the better team. Also Owen Farrell kicked pretty well, though every time the camera focused on him, the commentary team reminded us that he’s only 21 years old, so I think we’re all kind of sick of Owen Farrell.

Anyway, England won, so they’ll be hailed as the greatest team ever for the next two weeks, until they somehow screw up and lose at home to France.

Wales 16, France 6

France lost to Italy and were pretty poor in doing it, but at least they were on the road. This time they were at home, and had to deal with getting booed by their home crowd. The crowd booed them lustily at the final whistle, but luckily for the French team, at that point somebody ran on the pitch and eluded security for awhile, thus giving the crowd something to cheer.

Wales scored the only meaningful try of the weekend, with George North running on to a kick from Dan Biggar to score. This was the only exciting thing that happened this weekend that wasn’t in the Scotland-Italy match. The other 159 minutes of this match and the England-Ireland match combined were pure boredom.

Scotland 34, Italy 10

I thought it’d be fun if Italy could win this one and actually, for a little while, seem like contenders. Instead they were overrun by Scotland, who seemed a little bit hacked off after themselves getting killed by England last week.

Scotland scored four tries, including two in three minutes in the second half. Stuart Hogg scored the second by intercepting a pass and charging 90 yards for a score, which was exciting and should happen more often.