Naming the Koivu-Parise-Heatley line

Through six games, the Wild have scored 16 goals. Eleven of these have been scored by the Wild’s first line – five by Zach Parise, four by Dany Heatley, and two by Mikko Koivu. Only two other forwards have even scored this year.

It’s probably time that we come up with a name for this line, because calling it “the Koivu-Parise-Heatley line” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. Here are some suggestions, with a few cross-outs as well.

  • Traitor, Badger, Finn
  • HPK America
  • The One True Line
  • The KPH Line Considered and rejected. This ain’t Canada, hippie.
  • The Everything We Own Line
  • The 23 Million Dollar Line
  • The Never Won an NCAA Championship Line
  • Play This Line, Then Stall For Time That doesn’t even rhyme.

It’s becoming clear that there are no good line names.