Minnesota: Three Stars for Monday

Well, we’re all nicely depressed this morning aren’t we? Here’s the roundup, as in Indianapolis, it costs $1280 to NOT watch the game
Need to Know:
NFL: Green Bay 24, Vikings 19 – We’ve all been wondering how the Vikings would look when the games started counting for real. Now we have our answer: the Vikings look fine, but Tarvaris Jackson simply isn’t good enough to take this team where it wants to go.

Apart from Jackson’s foibles (and a colossal screwup by the punt coverage team, which allowed a return touchdown), the team looked pretty good. Adrian Peterson ran for 103 yards on 19 carries, and displayed the burst that instantly made him the most popular Viking last season. The defense played okay, at least, holding the Packers to 17 points and to 317 total yards.

But we come, inexorably, back to Jackson. The QB was an abysmal 16-35 passing, and at times displayed all the accuracy of a trebuchet launching ’57 Chevys at the opposite end of a football field. While Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was efficiently running his offense, Jackson showed that he hadn’t improved one bit since last year, putting the same inaccurate throws, wild tendency to run (and not slide), and bad decision-making on display. It was appropriate that the game ended after Jackson threw the ball ten feet over a receiver’s head, right to a defender; it summed up his accuracy for the night.

He, admittedly, showed flashes of being a decent starter. But the Vikings aren’t built for flashes – they’re built for now. And right now, Jackson isn’t good enough to do the job.

The answer isn’t Gus Frerotte, or Daunte Culpepper, or any of the other options. The answer is to go back three years to knock some sense into an unbeliveably-arrogant Brad Childress, to try to stop him from betting his team’s future on a rookie small-college quarterback.

Sadly, though, time machines are as yet unavailable, and all we can do is bemoan our fate. How does 8-8 sound to everybody?

Mike Tirico: And we’re back, here at Aaron Rodgers field, where the Favres are up by Favre points on the Rodgers!

Tony Kornheiser: Brett Favre would have loved to be here. I wish he was here to see this. In fact, I wish he was here sitting on my lap.

Mike Tirico: I’d like to point out that Aaron Rodgers has lined up under center for this play – the very same place that Brett Favre lined up for so many years for the Green Bay Packers.

Ron Jaworski: Let’s take a look at some of the stats for this game. We can see Rodgers’ stats in the first half, which are VERY comparable to the stats that Brett Favre put up in his first Jets start. And, we can also see from this next graphic that Rodgers compares favorably with Favre’s first start for Green Bay, so many years ago.

(camera cuts to Rodgers)

Tony Kornheiser: Aaron Rodgers looks a lot like Brett Favre there. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t Brett Favre. (leans out of booth) HEY! BRETT! CAN YOU HEAR ME? (singing) AND I NEED YOU NOW TONIGHT… AND I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER!

Mike Tirico: It appears that some other purple team has the ball at the moment. We’re going to take a commercial break, but when we come back, we’ll show you where Aaron Rodgers sits on the sideline… and where a certain #4 used to sit…

• Tennis: Roger Federer wins US Open
Three Stars:
3. (tie) Matt Guerrier, Jesse Crain, Dennys Reyes, Joe Nathan, Craig Breslow and Boof Bonser
The six combined to give up no runs on Monday. Granted, that was because the Twins had an off day, but we’ve got to take chances to sneak them into the three stars when we can. (The six also got nobody out on Monday, but we can all agree that’s par for the course, really.)

2. Adrian Peterson
There’s only one thing left to wonder about Peterson: can he play quarterback?

1. Adam Weber
The Gopher quarterback was one of three players named as Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. Weber completed 21 of 25 passes on Saturday, tossed three touchdowns, and was not intercepted. (Note to the fellas at The Daily Gopher – happy now?)

What’s On Tap:
7:10 – MLB – Twins vs. Kansas City – FSN

7:15 – MLB – Chi. Cubs at St. Louis – WGN



  1. Shane
    Posted September 9, 2008 at 7:51 PM | Permalink

    Hilarious Jon. I thought last year was bad with all the Favre crap we had to hear about constantly, but even when he isn’t on the team anymore we have to hear MORE about him. How many YEARS will we have to put up with this? Three? Four? When will the idiots in the booth stop talking about him?

  2. Leslie
    Posted September 9, 2008 at 10:13 PM | Permalink

    What a disappointment. We get all fired up for the team from spring to summer, and last night ended up with a stinker. No one played great I thought for the Purple, and that’s why they lost. The Packers outplayed the Vikings in all facets of the game, and it showed in the score. The score wasn’t that close as you thought it was.

    Obviously, everyone was not happy with Tarvaris Jackson, and he did not play well. Still, he made some good throws in this game. I liked how he and Berrian were clicking in the third quarter. Unfortunately, Al Harris interfered, which should have been a penalty. Also, Shinacoe should have made some catches last night. Some of T-Jack’s throws to Vincente was catchable. I am more down on Shinacoe than Jackson.

    It seems everyone has lost faith on Jackson based on message board I read. I think it’s unfair. Keep in mind that Tarvaris has not played in the preseason along with Berrian so it’s going to take awhile for those two to click and do well. They need to know their strengths and execute on it. They will be fine.

    I am going to give Jackson until Week 5 to perform. If he plays like what he did last night, then I will be savaging Jackson.

    I would give Tarvaris’ performance a C last night.

    The defense was not that great either. Rodgers had too much room to perform.

    Shiancoe deserves savagery than Jackson. I don’t want to see Shinacoe at tight end.