How to fix the Wild

That headline is misleading. I don’t actually know how to fix the Wild, short of petitioning the league to allow the team to play all of its remaining games at home.

I do know that the solution that most of up have come with involves firing head coach Mike Yeo or general manager Chuck Fletcher, or both. Now, Fletcher probably deserves to be fired entirely for the time he traded Nick Leddy for Cam Barker, one of the dumbest trades in Minnesota sports history that wasn’t orchestrated by Mike Lynn. But Yeo… I don’t know enough about hockey coaching to understand what is, and isn’t, his fault.

Is it Yeo’s fault that the Wild lose every single battle for the puck in their defensive zone?

Is it Yeo’s fault when then team can’t deal with even the mildest forecheck without being harried into making a bad pass?

Is it Yeo’s fault that even chipping the puck out to center ice is difficult for the team’s defensemen, never mind actually breaking the puck out?

Is it Yeo’s fault that the team’s forecheck is so terrible that dumping the puck into the zone is tantamount to just passing it directly to the opposition defenseman?

Is it Yeo’s fault that the team plays 49 different line combinations every night, and not one of them appears to contain two players who have ever met before?

Like I said, I don’t know. But I wish somebody could explain this to me.


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  1. Posted February 13, 2013 at 10:11 AM | Permalink

    honestly, yes, i think so. from all accounts, mike yeo’s big thing is they system. he focuses on his system and making sure that guys are positioned correctly. this is not inherently a bad thing. in fact, it might be a good thing for a team composed mostly of young guys with a few aging vets. the way the wild roster is composed, that type of a system does not suit this team. i feel as though this roster is mostly composed of guys who want to score and who can score. hell, most of them have put up pretty damn good numbers on other teams in the past. when i watch this team play, i see a bunch of guys that constantly look out of position and lost. i see no tape to tape passing and i see sloppy dumping and chasing. to me, those are symptoms of bunch of guys being forced to play in a system that doesnt fit their playing style. I think that this team needs a coach who plays an all out offensive system that lets these guys do whatever they want offensively. i know this sounds overly rube-ish to a certain degree, but the way this team is constructed, i feel like that is they type of coach it needs.