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A few vital statistics for MLS expansion

If you assume that money is at the heart of this decision – and if it’s not, it would be a first for big-time sports – then the choice seems pretty straightforward.

The Sportive Episode 81: To the bar!

Stu and I recorded an episode in a bar on Saturday night, and it went perfectly on the first try. You can hear us and everything. Episode 81 doesn’t sound that bad, and I think we should be proud, for once.

United vs. Fort Lauderdale: Trying to make sense of the NASL semifinals

When the news covers a negative event, quite often you will hear a news anchor say, “So-and-so is searching for answers.” It’s a cliche that speaks to a truth about all of us. We know, intellectually, that life is not fair and doesn’t make sense… but we really, really want it to.

The Sportive, Episode 79: The (new) Paul Molitor Hall of Fame?

We recorded the podcast at Brandon’s house for the first time ever. It started with Twins and Wolves talk, then degenerated into a lot of yelling, in which I found out that everything I believe is wrong and also everyone else on the podcast thinks I might kill humans for sport. Fun one!

Minnesota United 0, New York Cosmos 0: Postgame notes and gamer

Christian Ramirez missed a penalty, and the Cosmos Curse continued for United.

United 1, Atlanta 0: Where we’ve been, and where we might go

Minnesota beat Atlanta 1-0, but your humble blogger spent most of the night taking in the sights.

The Sportive, Episode 74: #firegardy

We talked a lot about Ron Gardenhire’s firing on the Sportive this week, with occasional asides to cover the wanton stupidity of Ned Yost, Gopher football, the Vikings, and who to cheer for in the MLB Playoffs. Also: my plan to make the new Twins managers the entire 1987 team.

Miguel Ibarra rumored to be set for USA national team callup

The United midfielder appears to be in line for a chance to play for the US men’s national team.

The Sportive, Episode 73: A Special Brand of Hopeless Incompetence

For the 73rd consecutive podcast, we complained about the Twins and Minnesota sports owners. We also talked grouse hunting.

I, Darko, am now a kickboxer!

We thought “I, Darko” was gone. But now he’s taking up kickboxing.