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I’ve Had Enough Of This Week

Here’s everything I did this week: This week in MLS, I predict the MLS playoffs at Northern Pitch. Soccer Insider is looking at Jürgen Klinsmann after the latest step back for his USA team. The notes from this week’s column got CONCACAF’d. Plus: what to watch! And an insult to Mexico!

Retirement Goals

Life goal: get job where the first thing I do every day when I get there is read about four or five newspapers. — Jon Marthaler (@jmarthaler) July 16, 2015 Until that happy day, here’s everything I worked on this week: This week’s podcast was kind of fun except when I was getting mocked about […]

Great Non-Soccer Road Trip

I was out for the last four days for the 2015 edition of the Great Baseball Road Trip – my third, the 16th overall. We went to six games at five parks in four days, in the Chicago area, South Bend, and Toledo. I lobbied hard to replace the Toledo trip with a Chicago Fire-Seattle […]

World Cup World Cup World Cup World Cup

Congratulations! Our ladies are the champs! @FIFAWWC FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions 2015… — Mr. T (@MrT) July 6, 2015 Here’s everything I wrote this week: June 30: Three thoughts from the USA’s 2-0 win over Germany, the greatest game the US women have ever played. July 4: Soccer Insider previews the USA-Japan World Cup […]

Maybe life needs a defensive midfielder, you know, man?

Here’s everything I wrote this week.

Now THAT is a goal

Here’s what I worked on this week: Tuesday: At Northern Pitch, three thoughts on the USA’s 1-0 win over Nigeria at the Women’s World Cup. Thursday: Episode 110 of The Sportive has a lot of Twins talk, some Timberwolves talk, and a little bit of Wild, harmonicas, and nuts thrown in. Friday: MLS week 16, […]

The debut of Soccer Insider in the Star Tribune

Today is the debut of my weekly “Soccer Insider” column in the Star Tribune. I can hardly believe it, but the paper says it’s true – Page 2 has my byline and my mug shot. This week, I wrote about Minnesota Kicks star Alan Willey – and how the Kicks’ attack from 1976 to 1981 […]

A Big Week For Soccer

Here’s what I worked on this week.

This Week in Marthaler

Here’s what I wrote this week.

Northern Pitch Launched a Long Time Ago

I never really sat down to tell the whole story of Northern Pitch, our new Minnesota-focused soccer website, so now – almost two months after it launched – is as good a time as any.