Eric Miller, MLS vs Klinsmann, and more

Here’s two more weeks’ worth of posts.

Star Tribune - Soccer Insider

  • January 23: MLS insiders can’t stop talking about Jürgen Klinsmann, and the reason is revealing.
  • January 30: I talked to Minnesota native, and Montreal and US U-23 fullback, Eric Miller, who is in USMNT camp for the first time - but still looking forward to March.

Northern Pitch

The Sportive

120 Days of Things

So, I went awhile without an update. And made a technology change to the blog, about which more anon. That said, this has always been, as much as anything, a record of things I’ve written, so allow me a long list of posts:

Star Tribune Soccer Insider

Northern Pitch

The Sportive

I won’t actually list all of these out, but just link you to the podcast page. Suffice it to say that we’ve been keeping up with what’s going on.

Bringing this site back to life is going to be fun.

Late August and Early September

Here’s quite a lot of links to things I wrote or did over the past three weeks:

I just can’t get enough

Here’s everything I worked on this week:

  • August 19: We got recognized at Legends while recording this week’s podcast, with special guest Liz Welle, and also got stared at by half of the patrons.
  • August 21: Got some good feedback on my extended weekend soccer schedule at Northern Pitch. If nothing else, I wrote late at night and then laughed at myself twice while re-reading it the next morning.
  • **August 22: **Soccer Insider covers Gopher soccer, which kicked off their regular season last night with a 3-0 win. They need more goals, and are leaning on the depth of some new freshman to get them. Plus: Chelsea’s early panic, USWNT beatdowns vs. the NWSL, Miguel Ibarra, and a (much shorter) weekend watch guide.

Bereft Fox

It took one game to fall in love with the Bundesliga, and specifically with the nuttiness of Bayer Leverkeusen. With five minutes left in a game they’d eventually win 2-1, most teams would think defensively. Not Leverkeusen, who had eight players in the opposition penalty area, trying to score a third, and allowing Hoffenheim a chance going the other way. That’s the kind of hell-for-leather, poorly-thought-out strategy that we appreciate!

Here are links to an awful lot of things I’ve written or said over the past couple of weeks.

Retirement Goals

Until that happy day, here’s everything I worked on this week:

Great Non-Soccer Road Trip

I was out for the last four days for the 2015 edition of the Great Baseball Road Trip – my third, the 16th overall. We went to six games at five parks in four days, in the Chicago area, South Bend, and Toledo. I lobbied hard to replace the Toledo trip with a Chicago Fire-Seattle Sounders game, but was overruled.

Because of the road trip, I was a little short on soccer content for the week. Here, then, is what I did last week:

World Cup World Cup World Cup World Cup

Here’s everything I wrote this week:

Maybe life needs a defensive midfielder, you know, man?

And that goes double for me.

Here’s everything I wrote this week:

  • Tuesday: The USA women beat Colombia 2-0, and at Northern Pitch, I had three thoughts.
  • Friday: With the Women’s World Cup reaching the quarterfinal stage – i.e., the point at which the games actually start to matter – I wrote a preview of what to watch for in the four quarterfinals for SoccerCentric.
  • Saturday: Soccer Insider in the Star Tribune this week looks at Teal Bunbury, the standout Minnesota kid that somehow flies under the local media radar. (Seriously, he’s like the Tyus Jones of soccer. Why he’s barely been covered is beyond me.) Plus some short takes on Women’s World Cup ticket sales, Jonny Steele, Copa America, and the upcoming Gold Cup, and a weekend watch guide.
  • Saturday: More thoughts, this time from USA-China, as the USA has now finished the warmup rounds.